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Created 12-Apr-10
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All of the photos in the attached galleries were taken from somewhere in my yard. I'm blessed to live in an area that has such a diversity of bird life, and to be able to photograph them. There are many other species that I have seen but I have not "shot" them as of yet. But hopefully I will be able to do so in time. And when I do I can assure you that they will make their way to this collection and corresponding gallery.

Hopefully you will enjoy these wonderful creatures as much as I do!

Hawks & Owls

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Created 6-Feb-11
Modified 6-Feb-11

Jays, Cardinals, & Cedar Wax Wings

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Created 19-Apr-16
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Peckers of All Kinds

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Created 13-Apr-12
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Water Fowl

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Created 7-Jul-15
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Water Fowl

Little Birds

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Created 27-Jan-14
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Little Birds

Not So Little Birds

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Created 11-Nov-10
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Not So Little Birds


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Created 16-Sep-10
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"Whitey" - The Albino Red-Tailed Hawk

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Created 17-Feb-13
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