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Lake Martin, just outside Lafayette, Louisiana, is a wonderful place to see a wide variety of our avian friends, especially this time of year. Unfortunately, the day that many of these pictures were taken, it was heavily overcast with rain. In spite of Mother Nature not cooperating fully, there was some good sitings to be had. Enjoy!
"Synchronized Sleeping" - Black Crown Night Herons at Their Nest"Excuse Me Buster!" -- Black-Crowned Night Heron"Help!" -- Black-Crown Night Heron"Sleeping on the Job" - Black-Crowned Night Heron"Too Much to Drink for this Egret" - Great Egret"Spring Cleaning" - Great Egret"Looking for Lunch" - Great Egret"I Spy My Dinner!" - Great Egret"Flying Angel" - Great Egret"White Flight" - Great Egret"Hoooo You Looking At?" - Barred Owl"I've Got My Eye on You!" -- Barred Owl"Getting Ready for an Afternoon Nap" -- Barred Owl"It's Crawfish Season at Last!" - Little Blue Heron"Salamander for Lunch" -- Little Blue Heron"Taking a Good Look" - American Bittern"On Alert!" - American BitternAmerican Bittern"There's Lunch In Here Somewhere!" - American Bittern"Getting Ready to Dive" - Alligator in the pouring rain of Lake Martin

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Glen Allen Photography
Great gallery.. have to visit the south some day.. thanks for sharing all of these great images..
Dave Phillips' CritterScapes
Super series from the trip Doug. The BCNH and owls are my favs, and I am so jealous of your Bittern images. Well done with the Big Glass sir.
Betty Berard Broussard
Wonderful Lake Martin photos Doug.
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