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Antarctica is one of the last frontiers on planet earth. Its unique terrain, climate, and of course wildlife make it one of those "must sees" for nature lovers. I hope that you will enjoy my photos that I took there just as much as I enjoyed taking them!
"Now Listen To Mom & Dad!" - Emperor Penguin Family"Syncronized Swimming" - Emperor Penguins"Getting Ready To 'Swin'" - Emperor Penguins"We Made It To The Top" - Emperor Penguin Chicks - Antarctica"Now, Which One Is Mine?" - Emperor Penguins"Nice Looking Slippers Mom!""And You Said What?""Great View From Here!""If I've Told You Once, I've Told You a Thousand Times!""I Think He's Got It""Grace Before Dinner""Three Way Penguin Stop""Any More Food for a Hungry Penguin Chick?""Action Off the Right Flipper Side"

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