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"What's For Dinner Ma?" - Little Blue Heron with Chick"Get Off My Back!""That's It -- Just Flap Those Wings!""You Go First!""Here Goes Nothing!""A View From The Tree-Tops""Free Flight""Short Field Landing""Just Hang'n Out" - White Ibis"That Wind Is Strong!" - White Ibis"Who's The Interloper?" - Tri-Coloured Heron with Immature Spoonbills"Belly Up to the Feed Trough" -- Cattle Egrets"Where's Mom?" Inmature Rosetta Spoonbill"Am I the Black Sheep Around Here Or What?" - Tri-Coloured Heron"Lift Off" - Rosseta Spoonbill Ready to Leave Its Perch"Time To Split This Popsicle Stand""Look At Me Mom!

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