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The bird life in the Pantanal is, in a word, INCREDIBLE!! There are so many different species. Beautifully coloured! Loud and distinctive calls! (they would wake us up at 5:30 every morning -- you could set your watch by them.) And their numbers were extraordinary! As you can imagine, it is very difficult to photograph these winged creatures but I think I have a petty good sample of some of the more interesting ones for you to view.
Tom the Toco ToucanToco ToucanBlack SkimmerAmazonian KingfisherRinged KingfisherAmerican Pygmy KingfisherGreen Kingfisher"Gator Burgers for Lunch" -- Tiger Heron with baby CaimanRufescent Tiger HeronAnhingaBoat-Billed FlycatcherBlue-Fronted ParrotBlue-Fronted ParrotBlue-Fronted ParrotHyacinth MacawHyacinth MacawHyacinth  MacawHyacinth MacawYellow-Billed CardinalRufous-Tailed Jacamar

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