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Created 30-Sep-15
Modified 30-Sep-15
We recently undertook another wildlife adventure trip -- this time to the Pantanal of Brazil to try and find and photograph the Jaguars. One again we had the privilege of traveling with professional photographers Chris Brunskill and Kim Sullivan -- both very experienced wild cat photographers. Our nine day trip consisted of traveling the extensive river system of the Pantanal in around the Pantanal "city" of Porto Jofre. (see if you can find it on the map of Brazil!) Everyday we climbed into a rather small, flat-bottom fishing boat with a 60 H.P motor on the back. This was "home" for eight to nine hours a day. What a great time we had, and the sights (wildlife) was unparalleled. The vast majority of the photos that you will see in the following galleries where taken from our boat. We hope you enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we enjoyed the incredible experience in the Pantanal!

Mick Jaguar & Friends

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Created 8-Feb-16
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Birds of the Pantanal

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Other Creatures Great & Small

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Created 6-Oct-15
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